Barbara Eko Murphy started taking watercolor classes with Edee Joppich and Laura Whitesides Host at VAAL, after she retired from being a Livonia Classroom Teacher, in 2000. She continued to study life drawing and creative watercolor classes at BBAC, and also studied with her favorite artists on  the National Circuit of workshops. Barbara feels learning never stops; there is always a new style to create.

Her goal is not to do photo realism, but, creative images that reflect life. For over 10 years ,Barbara has been part of Mary’s Studio Artists, who paint  portraits of models, twice a week.

She learns from her fellow artists, and enjoys promoting opportunities for all artists in the Detroit Metro Artists. Birds of a feather stick together.

Barbara enjoys competitions…and as of  2016 she has been in 300 juried art shows,earned 37 awards and has had 51 solo shows.  Barb is a former member of Lawrence Street Gallery, and currently a Member of VAAL, MWCS, DSWPS, NAH, &  the DIA.    

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