Janus Benda

My purpose is to connect my soul to yours through my work.  Hopefully, at least one of my paintings will remind you of a life experience which provided a beautiful happy time in your life.

Dearborn resident, V. ”Janus” Benda, works out of  her newly remodeled studio, combining education, travel, experimentation, as well as “life experience” to create her work.   A graduate of the University of Detroit, as a Design Major in Architectural Engineering  her work encompasses numerous styles & mediums.

After recently leaving her work for a Canadian Automotive Interior roll goods supplier, where she closely worked on a Global scale in design trend forecasting, she decided to pursue painting as a full time career.  As an 8 year member, and a 2 year Chair Holder in the International Color Marketing Group her use of color is a strong evident part of her work.


To learn more about Janus, visit her website at: URL: http://janus-benda.vaalart.org/

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