Thank you for visiting our website. Our meeting notices appear here as well as news about exhibition opportunities and VAAL member appearances in exhibits and shows. We invite you to visit us at our meetings and consider joining with us as we pursue our artistic goals.

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VAAL membership is encouraged. Member privileges include reduced tuition fees and participation in our shows (see exhibit eligibility below). Become an active member and enjoy these special privileges and help the continued growth of our Art Center. The cost of membership is $40 per year with the membership year running from January 1 to December 31.  Please send any member yearly dues to:

VAAL Membership

17556 Park Ave.

Livonia, MI 48152

To be eligible  for the Spring Exhibit (juried) members must have signed in at 3 meetings since the previous Spring Exhibit.  To be eligible for the Fall Exhibit (judged) members must have signed in at 3 meetings or registered for 2 classes/workshops. since the previous Fall Exhibit.


Additionally, the Board of Directors - Membership -  keeps the records and as each member signs in, the record of past attendance is visible on the sign in sheet.


Visual Arts Association of Livonia

The New Five Village Shopping Center
37653 5 Mile Road
Livonia, Michigan 48154

Call for Holiday Shoppe Entries

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President’s Note: Winter 2016

President’s Note

As winter approaches we tend to hibernate at home due to the weather and short days.

Take one of VAAL's art classes to help stimulate your creative nature, and also meet

new and old friends sharing in the joyful process of creating new art.

Rich Emrich

Photos by FredKeebler.com

Betty Lewis

First Place

Gold Spots

Betty Lewis

Fall 2015 Exhibition Winners