Exhibition Winners Gallery

VAAL exhibition winners and their work can be viewed by following the links below to Gallery displays for each VAAL Exhibition.

VAAL Spring 2011
First Place
Janet Kondziela

VAAL Fall 2011
First Place
Bonita Collins

VAAL Spring 2012
First Place
Martha Barnes

VAAL Fall 2012
First Place
Kathleen O’Connell

VAAL Spring 2013
First Place
Regina J Dunne

Spring 2013 Winners

VAAL Fall 2013
First Place
All Weber

Fall 2015 Winners

VAAL Spring 2014
First Place
Beverly Johnston

Spring 2014 Winners

VAAL FAll 2014
First Place

Gail Churchill

Fall 2014 Winners

VAAL FAll 2015
First Place

Betty Lewis

Fall 2015 Winners

Spring 2017 – 1st Head Dressed – Susan Hasserik

                                2nd Re-Thinking – Kitty Weaver

                                3rd Oil Can – Kathleen Boettcher

                                Honorable Mention :

                                                World Traveler – Barbara Eko Murphy

                                                Flying High – Nancy Savage

                                                Purple Passion – Susan Hunt

                                                Raise Your Hands – Judith Waterman

                                                Obscure Musings – Yvette Goldberg

Fall 2016 – 1st Relax with Nature – Barbara Eko Murphy

                       2nd Pride of Baltimore Rigging – Chuck Schroeder

                       3rd Pride – Mary Kehoe

                        Honorable Mentions

                                Reflections  - Al Weber

                                Wrinkled Flowers – Marge Masek

                                Onekama Beach – Dorothy Amberger

                                Yellow Wildflowers – Gail Churchill

                                Rainbow – Jean Thomas

Spring 2016 – 1st The Parka – Al Weber

                                2nd Jackson Apt. w/’35 Fords – Chuck Schroeder

                                3rd Forgotten – Kathleen Rodak

                                Honorable Mentions:

                                                Victorian Tea  - Kathleen Boettcher

                                                Hines Park #8 – Mary Ann Relyea

                                                Arcadia  - Barbara Gage Rex

                                                This Land is My Land…- Mary Ann Adams

                                                Mosiac Five – Tom Lyons

Spring 2015 -  1st -Three Kings – Mary Ann Adams

                                2nd -Garden Cherub – Virginia Bosak

                                3rd - King of The Mountain – Martha Barnes

                                Honorable Mentions:

                                                Zing Zing – Beverly Johnston

                                                Butterflies are Free – Barbara Eko  Murphy

                                                What Goes Around – Jerry Valentine

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