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Time to renew your Membership, if you haven't already.

New members are always welcome!

Our new year is January to December, so please make sure to get your dues in as soon as possible ($40).

VAAL Web Gallery

VAAL members will now have an opportunity to show their work online on our website with your own web page. Up to 10 digital images of your artwork can be used and you may also submit a link to your own website. The fee is $10 annually. Forms are available in the classroom and website on Members Gallery page.

VAAL Artists Art on Display

Sue Mallick

Sue Mallick has received 3rd award in VAAL Fall Art show.

She sold two arts in Ann Arbor Downtown Library in her solo show.

She also sold one art in the Costick Center in Farmington Art Foundation Gallery.

She still has two more pieces there and that show will run until January 2nd, 2014.

She also has one piece in Oakwood Heritage Hospital in Taylor.

Local Exhibits