Dorothy Amberger’s Gallery

I have always been interested in and admired art, but I didn’t begin to study until after I retired from

30 years of teaching.  I began taking lessons locally, at Schoolcraft College, Livonia Community Programs and Visual Arts Association of Livonia. (VAAL)  It was at VAAL that I have studied the longest and I still take classes there.  I found VAAL to be very supportive of beginning artists.

I began with watercolor and then I took a pastel workshop which opened my eyes to the beauty of that medium.  I have continued in pastel, but recently I have started in acrylics.  Each of these mediums has something wonderful to offer to the painter.

My main source of inspiration has been the photography I have taken as I have travelled.  I have travelled to the southwest, Alaska, Canada, Europe, and of course there is no place as beautiful as our own state of Michigan.   Most of my paintings reflect these interests.

My style has been realistic and representational until recently I have found the desire to paint abstractions.  Painting abstractions is a challenge for me, but I love to try something new.

Dorothy Amberger

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